Many are wondering why children are in fostering agencies and why they are not with their own parents. Why they are all by themselves? Most of the people think that the kind of parents they may have are not responsible and cannot provide the best for their child. Probably some do not have parents anymore or some children are being abandoned to a fostering agency that can take care of their child. But what could be the other reason why children are in fostering agency?

There are a couple of reasons why they are in fostering agency. Mostly is because of family issues. There are children that cannot feel the love of their parents anymore because of some arguments. However children should not be just abandoned because of that.

Nevertheless other reasons may be:

  • The child’s parent is ill and no relatives can take care of the child.
  • The child’s parent was unable to look after their child for a long time.
  • The child cannot stay at home anymore because they are not totally safe there.
  • The child needs to be rescued because they suffered sexual or physical abuse. They are sometimes victims of neglect.

Those are the other possible and primary reasons why children are in fostering agencies. It is extremely alarming if children are abandoned because they were abused and not safe anymore in their own home. This is something that the fostering agency should look after. Children must be immediately saved and rescued if this is the case.

It is important that the children will be in the care of someone who can look after them. Their parents should be the right one to take care of them however if they are not capable, fostering agencies should take over. Since children still need guidance because of their age, fostering agencies are caring for them to guide them throughout their childhood, to be a good person until they can support themselves.

The can foster children and are looking for foster carers in Essex. There could be many steps that a prospective foster carer will go through, but once all are approve it is not only fostering is what you are going to do but loving and caring for a child as well. You will see a smile on children’s face once they got someone to foster them.

The can also foster children from London and they can help many children as they can. It is a good thing that there are foster agencies that can provide shelter for children while they are waiting for foster carers who are willing to take responsibility in taking care of a child. Though it is temporary, being responsible in taking care of a foster child is a big deal and is incomparable. Not all of the people can take care of a child and responsible to have one, unless you are a parent already and you want a child to complete the family. Having a child should be a blessing to the family.