Defending people’s rights is not easy, and that’s what all lawyers do. They defend your interests and speak up for your rights, but being good at it is not that easy. “Lawyering” or practicing law is tough, and being good at it cannot easily be achieve; it’s like actually like love, it takes time to develop.  

Those people who are in need of someone who could defend their interest in the legal arena would definitely want to hire a good solicitor or lawyers, especially those who have criminal and immigration cases and you might find them here But of course, not all lawyers are good in practicing in their chosen field and not all had the best intentions. Below are some warnings and signs that you may notice in your current lawyer.

Lawyer is not returning your calls

A lawyer or solicitor must communicate with their clients from time to time. You must understand that lawyers are usually busy because they are also handling other cases; however, if you would try to contact them to ask some questions but they do not answer your phone calls, or worse, not even returning your call after a few days, then you must seek for another one. You cannot depend on lawyers like this because it’s a sign that they are not more into helping you with your case.

Lawyer has no clue with what he is doing

Not all lawyers are really good and knowledgeable. If you noticed for several times that your lawyer cannot answer simple questions asked by the judge during the trial session then that might be a sign that your lawyer doesn’t know what he is doing and doesn’t know anything about your case.

Lawyer is constantly making excuses

It’s your trial day but your lawyer doesn’t even show up, or is always late during trial sessions; that might be a good sign to terminate your services with him. Good lawyers are never too busy for their clients, like lawyers in; and they never forget about the important dates on the case. A proper calendar system is a must-have for lawyers because it’s only through this that they can track their cases.

Lawyer does discuss not important matters with you

If you and your lawyer only see each other when there is a scheduled court hearing then that might be another sign that you hired a bad lawyer. A lawyer must find time to meet with their clients in order to discuss important matters on the case; he must be able to explain to his clients regarding status of the case, the pros and cons of their action, and what to do next. If your current lawyer is unable to do this then it’s about time to find a new one.

Lawyer has too much case load

Usually, this is the primary reason why lawyers act the way that is mentioned above. Some lawyers continuously accepts client even if they know that are already handling numerous cases. A good lawyer knows how to decline when he feels that he will not be able to accommodate you due to a lot of cases that he has already handling.

The following are few good points that you may have noticed on your current lawyer, if he completes the signs then maybe it’s time that you should cut your ties with him and find a good one.