Dog bites are considered to be accidents because we never know what will these animals are thinking. Dogs are considered as man’s best friend but what about having them introduced to strangers. They would normally react and bark forcefully at the said stranger. If these dogs are not guarded appropriately, there is a high possibility of them biting the said stranger. In the event that you are a victim of dog bites, you can take certain steps on how to address the situation legally.

Proper documentation – We may train our dogs, but there are certain times that we can never control their emotions which made them bite a person. It is just right and proper to document the incident chronologically to take note what pushed the dog to bite. The written documentation will also serve as an evidence of what happened that lead to such injury.

Contact the dog owner immediately – When the incident happened and the dog owner is not around during the injury, it is very important to contact the dog owner immediately for them to learn about what happened. They are the dog owner and they should be responsible enough to face all the legal steps on how to settle with the person whom their dog has bitten. In the event that the dog owner will not respond for a couple of days or you haven’t heard anything from the, you can opt to talk to an attorney for you to be enlightened about several steps that you should take in order to address the incident legally. If you do not know any attorney, you can reach well experienced lawyers at You can contact them once you wanted to learn more.

Inform the police – The police should also be informed for them to also do their investigation. It is just right to involve the police in this case to have an unbiased investigation and there will be higher chances that the problem will be solved.

Make an incident report – Aside from the documentation, you should also create an incident report to give to the authorities. In the report, it should state what happened that resulted to the dog biting incident. If you do not know how to properly state the incident, you can seek for help from experts at It is always best to seek help to make sure that you will be well guided on what are the do’s and don’ts to make sure that you are on the right path.

Consult a physician – What we should avoid to happen is to be infected with rabies. It is best to consult a physician immediately for you to be check and assessed thoroughly. There are a series of tests that will be conducted to make sure that you are in good and normal state. Several vaccines and medications will then be prescribed to make sure that you will be free from rabies and tetanus. Even though dogs are well managed and taken good care of, it is just right for you to seek for a medical help to keep you free from harm.