A good roof is the important part of your home that makes you say that you are safe and secure. Why? Roofs that are made from weak materials can be easily swept by heavy rains and harsh winds. It can also be a home for molds, for termites and all sorts of insects all because the materials are not durable. You can never see houses with the same roofs because this would depend much on the style or structure of a house. Usually, it is the choice of the owner or architect or the engineer all because for durability and style.

As there are a lot of roof types to choose from this would really depend on your choice as the owner. This would also depend on the area you are at and the kind of house you have. This should always coincide with the style of your house. As there may be a lot of roofing companies that would offer you the kind of roofs you should be having, you also need to check on these types, quality and the prices they possess. You can learn more about this by checking out  ItechRoofworks. So here are the different types of roofs you need to know.

1.Flat Roof – You can see these everywhere especially with the commercial buildings.  As the name emphasizes that is flat, there is not much to expect from it. It is the simplest roof there is and that the material used for this is a rubber roofing type. A flat roof is what most commercial buildings would like to have because it is a cheap type of roof.

2. Gable Roof – this is also another simple type of roof but they are on an upside down or inverted type of roof. This type of roof is not suitable for places that are windy.

3. Gambrel Roof –  you can find this type of roof in barns. But you can also see this in residential areas. It gives a space for another room in the attic.

4. Hip Roof – this is the most common type of roof that you can see in residential areas. This is the typical type of roof that has 4 slopes, which you can see these on rectangular or square style.

5. Butterfly roof – you can say that it can be a modern style of the roof as it positions like a butterfly. It gives a good amount of ventilation and light which are the most important elements of a relaxing house. 

6. A-Frame Roof – this is the cottages and churches style of roof. There are also residential structures for this which a-frame roof already serves as the walls and roof as one.

You can never decide on your own type of roof if you do not know much about the types of roofs available. You should know the type, name and quality a roof possess. That is why you should check ItechRoofworks for more information and proper guide in choosing the right type of roof.