It can be quite a tough decision when you choose the right style and design for your stairs. You need a good stock of knowledge if you wish to buy the stairs on your own. You don’t need to think about this stuff if you are hiring a professional interior designer since they are the ones that will design it all. But if you are doing the former, you need to think about how you can choose the right style on your own, all the more if you are thinking about changing your current stairs to a new one.

The newels and balusters available in show that you have a lot of options to choose from. Below are some of the tips that will help you choose the right stair parts that will go well with your home.


One of the most popular materials that every lumber supply and get sold easily is the pine stair material. Its characteristics are sturdy, strong, not to mention they are very affordable, too. The timber grade used in this one means that it comes with some knots in it - you can add character to your new stairs just by giving this timber some simple finish like staining or painting. If you get your hands on the best materials, all the more the look of this material will be very appealing.

White Prime

The white primed parts depend on how you want them sent to your doorstep. The white primed parts from come in pre-primed so the finishing part will be easier to do since it will only need an undercoat and then a top coat. This will save time since you can decorate right away. The white prime material you choose will also affect the longevity of the stairs since you need material that is crafted from the ultimate source. All the more you need to consider this carefully if you are going to conduct a DIY on your stairs.


The hemlock parts come in a lustrous pale hued softwood. You can easily make any shapes with it since it is a flexible material. It can be stained or painted however you see fit.

But if you want to put a natural finish on your hemlock material, keep in mind that there are no knots in this softwood. A uniform style of grain can make this even more attractive compared to pine. This material is even cheaper compared to oak, thus making it a perfect choice if you want a clean wood finish. Again, you can only achieve this kind of perfection if you buy the parts from a reputable source.


If you want to go with oak, make sure it comes from the premium range. Some companies offer them with hard wearing timber. It has no knots, and its grain is beautifully patterned. And the thing about the oak is that it lasts longer than the other materials listed above. The classic and traditional look of the oak wood makes it a perfect material that will fit any home that’s got a refined taste.