Most people view investments as something that generates income and interest. Most of it bears the truth, but that does not mean that it is the only truth. Investments can also refer to items or products that are secured in place to prevent losses. They may not be working directly to increase your income, but in a way, these types of investments promote growth in your wealth by limiting or preventing potential losses which can set you back a few steps. You can refer to these types of investments as insurance. Most of the time, though, these investments do not present their benefits in the most obvious ways. Here are some of the investments you can make to prevent future losses.

Health Insurance

Most people do not recognize the value of getting medical insurance until they are confronted with exorbitant fees to pay the moment the hospital bills are served. Health is indeed wealth, but when it fails, it does not only hamper your productivity, but it also eats a huge chunk of your budget to restore it. The cost of curative health services has increased significantly, but there is a much cheaper set of preventative services that you can take advantage of to promote early detection and early treatment for many fatal types of diseases.

Retirement Plan

Though a retirement plan it is an investment, there are many ways on how this can save yours from big unexpected expenses in the future that can derail your budget and throw you into an emotional turmoil. Most retirement plans offered by private insurance companies have the option to invest your money in mutual funds depending on your risk tolerance. This makes sure that your money grows and catches up with the inflation rates so that it can maintain its value by the time you need to claim your benefits.

Home maintenance

Not known to many people, home repairs are very expensive. Sometimes, depending on the extent of the damage, the cost can equal to rebuilding your house from the ground up. There are subtle ways on how you can save yourself from losses due to damages that can easily be prevented and avoided. Roof cleaning and pavement cleaning services offered by the best providers such as create a huge impact in maintaining the structural integrity of your house, making sure that damages are prevented, and expensive repairs are kept at bay.

College Savings

For couples who are just starting on, college is an expense that one has to be prepared and ready for when the time comes. The cost of education is on the rise, and if you do not have a reserve to cover these expenses, then your child might resort to college loans that he or she will end up paying even after she graduates. Getting a separate bank account to accumulate savings for college expenses is the best way to cushion this blow once it hits your monthly budget allocations.