Did you know that there are over 2000 species and subspecies of flea? And did you know these fleas can live in the deepest part of carpets? Fleas have adapted themselves well in all types of terrains and regions, so their effects are seen anywhere and everywhere. They are parasitic in nature and feast on warm-blooded animals like mammals and birds. If you have a cat or a dog and you haven’t de-flead your animals you can pretty much guarantee that you will have in infestation soon enough. Pet owners know if you see one flea, there will be two and if you see two there will be an infestation. Fleas lay eggs inside mattresses, curtains and into carpet fibres and those eggs lay dormant. Pets bedding can be a hot bed for flea growth and the thicker the carpet the harder it is to clean. If you can hire in a company like servicemasterclean.co.uk you can have your carpets and upholstery regularly cleaned and having clean carpets can keep pests at bay.

Fleas have a distinct characteristic of hopping to host itself in furry animals like dogs and cats but they can also feast on the blood of us humans and that is never good.

Hidden safely under the hosts’ coat and deriving nutrition from its blood, the female lays huge numbers of eggs. When the host animal moves around, these eggs are dropped off in surroundings.

Riding on these pets means they can get around a lot and they hide in the fluff of carpets, furniture, bedding and gardens. Here it completes its four stage life cycle from a larva to a full grown flea.

Getting rid of these pesky insects is a challenge that can be countered only with a holistic approach of closing all the possible avenues of its entry in a home.

This includes a thorough house cleaning, bathing your pets regularly, and using chemical or natural treatments to exterminate these insects. Doing this once is not enough, regularly repeating the same process of extermination is essential.

First and most important thing to tackle this situation is to get rid of flea in your home by adopting some easy and natural methods. There are certain natural methods you can use other than companies like servicemastercleandevon.co.uk and one of those is planting pennyroyal in your home or garden, but be careful if you have kids and pets around. They must not touch or eat this dangerous plant as while it can kill bugs it can make them very sick. Boric acid is a well-known repellant for cockroaches and other kitchen insects. It is equally effective for fleas too. Sprinkle boric acid on carpets and upholstery after a thorough vacuum and leave it there for 10-12 hours.  Vacuum again for a flea free home and make sure you get right into corners and under furniture.

Fleas have amazing jumping abilities and they can climb on your pet very easily to ride inside your home.