If you want to get your wood treated, looking for the best wood treatment company such as jhgarlickltd.com  can assure you that you will be able to get your wood treatment done professionally. However, it is not enough that you have your woods treated by professional. You should also know how to consider your safety and health when it comes to working with woods because sometimes, treated woods can be quite dangerous to human being especially for people with the weaker immune system because it can already pose a threat to their health considering the level of chemicals that was injected into the wood.

Protecting your hands

Whenever you tend to use the wood, make sure that you have some gloves on. As much as possible, choose the rubber gloves because a pair of gloves that is made from fabric can be quite risky. The chemicals can easily seep into the holes in the fabric, and it will eventually have a direct contact with your skin. Wash your hands thoroughly, use some soap and rinse it with clean water before you plan to eat or drink something.

Protecting your eyes

If you need to sand the treated wood as part of your project, then you should wear some goggles to make sure that the small particles of the treated wood will not get into your eyes. Not only that it is painful, but it also has a chemical which could be quite dangerous if it accidentally gets into your eyes and you have nothing to protect your vision.

Protecting your family members

As much as possible, if you tend to cut, sand or drill the treated wood, you should do it all outside where there is an open space. Avoid performing some tasks with a treated wood in a small room because the small particles of the treated wood will just keep on lingering around the area, and if one of your family members inhaled it, then it will immediately pose a threat.

Decorating the treated wood

If you wanted to decorate the treated wood, such as painting it for your fence, then you should let it dry thoroughly first before you paint the treated woods. To determine if the wood is thoroughly dry, sprinkle some water into the wood and observe its reaction. If the water starts beading up, then the wood is still wet therefore you need to wait for a couple of hours to assure that it’s thoroughly dry and ready for painting. You can repeat the same process to ensure the dryness of your treated wood.

Maintaining the water resistance of the wood

For those people who choose not to paint their treated woods anymore, you can at least apply some wood preservative in order to keep the water resistance of the wood and extend its service life. Even if it has been treated with chemicals, it should be utilized properly if you wanted the treated wood to last. For more details, check out jhgarlickltd.com