Well-ventilated homes and offices are healthy places to live and work. As there are a lot of things that can turn out wrong when the place does not give you enough good quality of air. As such this can give health problems to you and your family and coworkers. This can become an unhealthy place and becomes an unwelcoming kind of place. Why? Because a not well ventilated home and office can stick in a lot of moisture in walls and can pass them from wall to wall and other parts of the area which can build up molds.

With the problem of having a damp place can lead to more problems in the future; therefore, you need to avoid having a damp place. You can as well ask for the highly skilled professional to treat your homes and buildings if you detected some foul smell or stains on the walls and floors. This is already a structural kind of problem, and it is about time to damp proof your homes and buildings. You can check out jhgarlickltd.com for more information and guide for these dam proof professionals. So here are things you need to do to determine the dampness in your homes and lessen the health issues brought about dampness.

1.    If you check on your ceiling, then you should check on the color if it differs already from the other. Check if it is already changing its color and do have stains around already. If you notice that there are moisture and brown patches forming then, it is a sign of having a damp ceiling.

2.    Another area to which damp can form is through walls. It is easy to determine this as you only need to put your hand on the walls and if it feels cold, then there is moisture and damp in it. You can also check for any growth of fungus and black and green marks that can be seen on the walls.

3.    Do also check for the windows if you are not able to wipe your windows every day then there is a possibility that moisture is formed. As there is always an obvious form of condensation on your window every morning with water droplets formed especially if you leave near a cold area. Check for black molds around then you know that dampness already occurs.

4.    Another obvious area in your home that moistures are formed is the bathroom nd kitchen. You should check on the sealant and grouting as these can easily form black molds. You know that there are molds by the smell it gives out. Look inside the cupboards and cabinets as these are where molds are formed.

5.    Look into your basement, and for sure you can get to see black molds, stains and rust forming. Also, the smell will relay be different if these have already absorbed too much moisture.

It is always best to determine dampness in your homes first by being aware what the smell is and what these stains and molds look like. To know more about these, you can check jhgarlickltd.com and this will guide you in knowing about unhealthy moisture in residential and commercial areas.