It is always worth spending a lot of effort and time when you check out Shetland ponies for sale. Getting a good pony is going to be quite invaluable. This is especially true if you are getting one for your kid. You want to be sure that the animal you end up with is going to be right for your child, size, temperament, and all.

If you are a parent that is trying to buy your child his very first pony, below are some very helpful pointers that should help you choose the right one.

Older is often better

If you are buying a pony for a young rider, younger is not always the right choice. The general rule is that older riders should be the ones riding older horses. This is because younger ponies tend to be more temperamental. Younger riders may not have the experience to know how to handle them well. So, the less temperamental and calmer older ponies should be what you must be going for.

Size does matter

You have to remember that the concept of buying a pony at a size that you think your kid is going to grow into is a bad idea. You need to be sure that the size of the Falabella horses to buy for your child now is appropriate to his age and to his height and build.

When a pony is way too big, there is going to be considerable difficulty for the rider to get on the pony, ride, and manage it. You would not want to make your child get nervous at the sight of a pony that is way too big. Also, when a pony is of a much bigger size, it can easily sense that the child is nervous and is not in control. That can be quite risky for your little rider.

Beauty is subjective

What you should really be looking for is an animal that can be trusted to carry your child and ensure that he is returned home at the end of these riding sessions safe and in one piece. How the pony looks like is not really going to matter too much in the grand scheme of things. While a flashy pony is definitely going to get a lot of eyes to focus on it, if it is going to end up throwing your little kid off its back then it is definitely to a sound choice. Safety should come first- looks, second.

A good choice for a first pony would be one that is hairy and heavy and sedate. A sleek yet jumpy and flighty one is just a disaster waiting to happen.

Ask around

Good ponies are considered to be easier to find when you ask around for families that have purchased one for their kids. Since the rider does outgrow them, you might want to see if you have friends or neighbors who have ponies that would serve as a great first ride for your kid.

Talk to people around you. Who knows one of them may be able to give you some very good recommendations.