Homes can influence every occupant’s mood either negatively or positively based on the experience they have within the space they are in. If the rooms are filled with things that make them happy, or they love and that they are arranged in a way that is pleasing to them, it can bring great joy. However, if the spaces are not arranged well, not to mention massively cluttered, it is evident that people can experience stress and frustration.

Below are some concepts from regarding what affects the mood of a person inside their home.


According to experts, clutter in the living space can greatly have an adverse impact on a person's feelings inside their home, which is why it is best to eliminate every confusion seen as possible. If clutter is left as it is, homeowners will have to keep rearranging it again and again, and at the same time feeling that frustration and uneasiness. Clutter does not only refer to the dusty items and papers that are piling up in the interior. Other elements such as books, houseplants, art, furniture and the like, when poorly arranged, can significantly create an unpleasant experience.

Minimizing the items down to things that you only love will bring positive effect on the mood. Displaying such items on a couple of signature furniture will give more impact on a person's mood as well. The best furniture pieces you should have if you ever get the chance is the Amish furniture items that come with the built-in storage that you can use for anything to be stored out of the bright visuals. You might also want to consider hand-crafted Amish furniture as they make very stunning pieces in an interior.

Don't forget that you should also take into account the room size when it comes to choosing furnishing and downsizing. The furniture pieces must appropriately size according to the space available in the chamber. If the total area of the room is large, it is not good to place in small pieces as it will look out of place or non-existent. On the other hand, large items are not suitable for small spaces as it will feel confined and cluttered.

Space and furniture

Interior designers are well adept to the design concept referred to as "Perception of Space," especially when they have extensive experience in the industry. This pertains to the science and art of utilizing visual styles which alter the perceived space. To keep the space from giving off the feeling of being cramped or cluttered, two elements that brings the mood down, designers have to make changes in the area. They are very adept at making enough space that will make it feel spacious when homeowners feel that there is no room left to change. One excellent example of this is by using small and slim items that create that illusion of more space without moving or changing the walls. Huge mirrors can even affect  the perceived space depth, not to mention enhances lighting. These are just a couple of changes that can bring positive experience felt inside any room in a household.

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