The factors involved in business closures go on a long list. Business failure has long been the subject of countless researches. Over the years the data gathered identified the following factors as the most common reasons for business failure.

Low Quality of Product

Business success begins as early as the planning phase of your business. These crucial times in the conception of your business would also determine your potential to fail and succeed. A carefully planned product tailored to the demands of your target consumer is the key to business success. This however does not guarantee that your business plan is full proof. The most common cause of business failure is the delivery of products that does not meet the quality standards or those that fall below customer expectations.

Bad Customer Service

No matter how much you ensure your products and services are at top quality there will be customers who will complain about your service. When this happens it is important that these complaints are handled correctly. The moment a customer raises a complaint this becomes an opportunity for your business to turn the experience around. Training your staff to provide good customer service is a good investment. Failure to provide a positive customer experience will take your business down in a matter of a few weeks.

Poor Asset and Debt Management

A good business they say manages the inflow and outflow of cash well. In simpler terms it means financial management. Managing the debts from creditors will ensure that your company is taking the right amount of risks considering the possibility of failure. A company with too much debt can end up having all its assets and earnings thrown down the drain to pay debtors. If you need help with debt and asset liquidation you can visit

Ineffective Marketing

A very good product that meets the demands of consumers is the key to business success but the actual act of putting that key in the knob and unlocking the door – that is marketing. Marketing simply bridges the gap between your product specifications and the customer’s demand for such products. Though the goal is simple the steps to achieve it can be too complex. Failure to market the product is setting up your business for closure.

Lack of Internal Communication

It is important for the upper management team to maintain communication with their direct reports. It is also important that communication between managers remain strong. This will ensure that the various departments operating the business are working towards the same goal. Internal communication also involves the process of ensuring that finances across all departments are managed well. Third party services such as can be employed to ensure an accurate and efficient asset management.  

There are a lot of things to make sure is sailing well to have your business reach is destination. These things can be overwhelming at times and during these times it is important that you manage your workforce well to avoid an overloading of tasks on one entity.